Legoland California Resort

Legoland California Resort promising you amusement, fun and laughter, for the whole family

Legoland California Resort is a combined theme and miniature park situated in Carlsbad, California, grounded on the Lego toy brand. On March 20, 1999, it come to be the third Legoland Park to open, and the first Legoland separate from Europe.

The Beginning is the sector of the park close to the entrance, which embraces the ticket booths, admission gates, visitor services, and a number of gift shops, and food vendors. As an accessibility, the park bids a free package pickup facility at the park's walking out for retail procurements made all the way through the park.

Dino Island is a dinosaur-themed sector enclosing a big sand area where youngsters may dig for “fossils” and the Coastersaurus miniature steel roller coaster, with a ride duration of roughly 2 minutes.

The Duplo Village sector, based on the LEGO-affiliated namesake trademark promoted to children aged 1? to 5 years old. The area embraces numeral of Duplo-themed and water-oriented attractions, such as Fairy Tale Brook, which is a tow boat ride with fairy tale scenes demonstrated with Lego Models, Lego Express small train ride, Water works with interactive water fountains and features, and many more.

Fun Town is a role-playing enjoyment area where visitors pretend adult skills or practiced identities. This sector includes the Volvo driving school where youngsters drive with self-propelled Lego cars on a close circuit. The police and fire academy, the fight squadron and Sky Patrol is just a few other entertainment features, there are many more

Miniland USA is a 1:20 scale model miniature park presenting prominent construction and symbols from seven zones in the United States. A large observing window permits visitors to watch master model builders occupied on new models in the Model Shop.

Castle Hill is a medieval castle-themed area, which includes a miniature Wild Woods golf course. Visitors can enjoy the Dragon steel roller coaster, Hideaways’ multi-level wooden playground, and lots more promised fun. Then there is the Imagination Zone, Pirate Shores Splash Park with six water oriented rides and Land of Adventure, replicating the 1920’s Egypt.

The complete park promise you fun, laughter, adventure, loads and loads of memories. Whether you had dig for fossils, role played the local doctors, played in the splash pools, do not forget to pick up your purchases before you leave.

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